Da Vinci Alive


The World's Most In-depth, Comprehensive Exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci

This immersive extravaganza showcases Leonardo da Vinci's groundbreaking scientific and artistic principles, featuring an array of large-scale machine inventions, a mesmerizing immersive projection gallery, faithful reproductions of his acclaimed anatomical studies, the Battle of Anghiari drawings, and iconic Renaissance art.

Discover Leonardo's multifaceted brilliance as an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor, and philosopher. Whether a first-time explorer of Leonardo's genius or a seasoned history enthusiast, Da Vinci Alive promises an engaging, educational, and illuminating experience suitable for the entire family.

  • Da Vinci Alive Interpretive
  • Codices
  • Civil Machines
  • Flight Studies Machines
  • Musical, Optical & Time Instruments
  • Aquatic & Hydraulic Machines
  • Physics & Mechanical Principles
  • Military Engineering
  • The Secrets of Mona Lisa
  • Leonardo da Vinci Paintings
  • The Last Supper
  • The Vitruvian Man
  • Anghiari Battle
  • Horse Sculpture
  • Da Vinci Theatre
  • Italian Renaissance Interpretive
  • S4 Multi-sensor Gallery

Revelation of the Mona Lisa's Secrets Unveiled For the First Time in Thailand

In late 2004, French scientific engineer and examiner of fine art, Pascal Cotte was granted unprecedented access by the French Government and the Louvre Museum to conduct a scientific analysis on the Mona Lisa.

The Secrets of Mona Lisa is an up-close and personal meeting with the world's most iconic painting. Visitors are immersed in super-magnified visual examinations and detailed explanations of what actually makes this mysterious masterpiece so special. Over 40 super-magnified high-resolution sec tional images of the Mona Lisa document Cotte’s findings, including a 4m (13ft) high infrared print, and a world first composite revelation of the lost painting behind today's Mona Lisa.

  • Explains how Leonardo painted her, his techniques, thoughts, preparatory under drawings.
  • Outlines what changes have been made to her by Leonardo's own hand and over time.
  • Examines what effect restoration and varnish has had over time.
  • Displays her original colors as painted in 1506.
  • The only 360° replica ever made.
  • Over 40 large format, super high resolution images depicting the results of Cotte's scientific analysis.
  • Showcases how science, technology, art and culture combine for extrordinary results.
  • Chronology of the painting and her illustrious past.
  • Scientific evaluation of the sfumato style used by Leonardo.
  • New astounding evidence that she is not who we thought she was.

A Spellbinding Journey Celebrating The Greatest Artistic and Cultural Era in History

Italian Renaissance Alive celebrates the entire Renaissance period, spanning the 14th to 17th centuries, and pays tribute to this influential movement's exceptional artistic and cultural value. As they step inside the immersive digital gallery, audiences are treated to an exploration of the era's art, culture, architecture, sculpture, and literature, providing a deep understanding of its profound impact on shaping civilization.

  • Giotto di Bondone, c. 1270-1337
  • Masaccio, 1401-1428
  • Giovanni Bellini, c. 1430-1516
  • Sandro Botticelli, c. 1445-1510
  • Andrea del Verrocchio, c. 1435-1488
  • Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519
  • Raphael, 1483-1520
  • Giorgione, c. 1477-1510
  • Titian, c. 1485-1576
  • Tintoretto, 1518-1594
  • Paolo Veronese, 1528-1588
  • Plautilla Nelli, 1524-1588
  • Michelangelo Caravaggio, 1571-1610
  • Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, 1696-1770
  • Artemisia Gentileschi, 1593-c. 1653
  • Canaletto, 1697-1768
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